Friday, August 21, 2009

From Three to Four

Well, Miller is a little over one week now. My oh my, time does fly. We are all adapting well. It really helps that he is a sweet laid back boy!!! Ella really likes him. She pats his head and gives him his MINE (which is what she calls the pacifier) whenever she feels like he needs it. She already tells him to "hush" when he is crying. It is really quite funny. My sweet mom is here for another week. I couldn't make it without her. Here are a few more pics taken at the hospital and in the last week.


The Watsons said...

Congratulations! Your family is absolutely beautiful! Miller is so cute. We are so excited for you guys!

GranAnn (GaAn) said...

This sweet picture is three of my favorite little family. Where's Mama!!!!!!!